F.A.Q. - Churches and Organizations

Download this F.A.Q. here.

1. Why are we serving the community?

We want to mobilize local churches, organizations and individuals into local missions throughout the year to give them an opportunity to seek the welfare of our community through acts of service. We believe service is the sweet spot where God's calling on the church, the individual gifts of the congregation, members of faith based organizations and the needs of the community come together to create opportunities for the transforming relationship of God's Church to shine through.

2. Is this event family friendly? Do our projects have to be family friendly?
  • Family Friendly projects will be available at numerous sites. While you are not compelled to develop a family friendly project, we recommend that projects that can accept children do so. Families have traditionally been a large part of the Serve St. Louis experience.
  • It is the parent?s responsibility to monitor project selection.
  • We encourage family members to serve together. Parental supervision is required.
  • Serve St. Louis will not provide childcare. The host church/organization may provide childcare if desired.
  • Child labor laws restrict the types of work children and teenagers may participate in, even during volunteer events. For this reason, some tasks or projects may not be available for minors. Please indicate the minimum age requirements on your project submission form. This information will then be included on the web registration page for your project.
3. Do we get anything for participating?

Serve St. Louis will NOT be providing tee shirts or other Serve St. Louis identification.  An individual church or organization may provide tee shirts or other identification for use on their projects. 

4. What if it is raining on the day of my project?

Serve St. Louis is a rain or shine event. While it is advisable to wear weather-resistant gear, we also ask that Project Hosts prepare for a back-up project/date in the event of inclement weather on outdoor projects.

5. On event day: I have volunteers showing up who didn't register. What now?

If you have room to accommodate additional volunteers: Welcome them! Have them complete the fields on the sign-in sheet and complete a liability waiver form. Bring them up to speed on the project, provide necessary instructions, lead them to the project site and introduce them to others.

If you do not have room/work for additional volunteers: Be proactive. Decide ahead of time if you will be able to accommodate walk-ins and how many. If you are unable to put them to work, let them know that you are prepared for the number registered and can't accommodate any additional volunteers. Thank them and invite them to volunteer next time. If possible, ask them to provide their name and e-mail address so you can update them with your next volunteer opportunities.

6. It's Serve Day and my site/project manager isn't here! Now what?

This is a perfect reason to have multiple people aware of project logistics. Write down the day's activities in advance and share with everyone on the project team so multiple people will be available to help guide the project in case one or two leaders are called away.

7. What should I do if a volunteer gets hurt?

If a volunteer suffers a minor scrape or injury: Attend to them with basic first aid measures. At some point during the day, please give us a call to let us know what happened and what treatment the person received. This allows us to keep 'in the loop' about any mishaps and helps us keep all bases covered.

If a volunteer suffers a moderate to severe injury: Respond swiftly and with caution. Call an ambulance and notify the volunteer's designated emergency contact. Pray. At the first available time, call us at ((314) 640-6801 to notify us of the situation and its current status.

8. Our project takes place in the neighborhood and some residents are approaching us who'd like to join in. Is that ok?

First off, praise God that your work in the community is being noticed by the residents and that they'd like to take part! However, we understand that there is some risk involved by allowing an unknown person join in with your work crew.

That being said, this is a judgment call on your part. Be cautious, especially if there are minors involved in your project. If you are comfortable, ask the person to register, getting the same registration information and signed liability waivers as you have for all other volunteers. If they are not willing to register, let them know that it is a part of your policy and offer to take their names and addresses to send information about your future volunteer opportunities. Those who truly want to help will not mind registering.

9. Will Serve St. Louis provide the materials needed to complete our project(s)?

No. Each Host Church/Organization is expected to provide the materials necessary to complete their chosen projects and/or inform the volunteers in advance to provide personal tools.

10. How can I contact the Serve St. Louis Team?

You may email info@servestlouis.org or call Bob Timken, Serve St. Louis Team Member, at 314-640-6801.  You may also keep in touch with us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.